Professional Contractor Services

Matching Hinge and Bore Patterns

Remodeling contractors face with many different challenges that new construction does not encounter. One of this challenges is replacing doors without replacing the jambs that are attached to the actual walls. This leaves the contractor performing the machining of the door with a few hand tools, making the process extremely time consuming and inaccurate. Trim Team has the equipment to perform hinge and bore machining of a door slab as closest as possible to the old door. This enable the remodeler contractor a quick and easy slab replacement process. Custom machining is available on exterior and interior doors.

Contractor Pricing

Establish contractors and remolding firms can benefit from a competitive pricing though our company. Trim Team provides better pricing on a broad extend of products than a typically big box retailer, for frequent and repetitive contractor customers.

Custom Pre-hanging requirements

Our company possess the equipment and expertise of pre-hanging with custom specification. In many occasions door jambs need to be cut down or rip to fit a custom walls. In additions, homeowners may require specific bore requirements due to special needs or desire.

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