Choosing the Ideal Door to Fit the Style of Your Home

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It’s safe to say that almost everyone fantasizes about their dream homes. You contemplate over which color schemes you’ll have in each room, the tile you’ll be walking upon, the living room furniture, and so on. Although, the style of doors we have within our homes play a big part in the overall interior feel. Everyone has a specific theme and vibe they are aiming to represent within their homes and it is important to consider which doors you will be using. We use our doors more often than we may think, so let’s go over the style of doors that are rising in popularity.



The first style of interior doors we see plenty of are traditional and classic doors. These are the doors that usually vary in hues of brow, have decorative rod iron lining on the glass, and indentation to outline the shape of the doors. Traditional-styled doors are popular because they are fit for almost every home style you may aim for. If you like to keep it simple, classic doors are the go-to. But even if you have the American Craftsman or Victorian style of a house, these doors are enabled to work with every possible look. Traditional doors are also simple to alter and update as you can switch out specific parts (such as the portions of glass or the doorknobs) if you want to enhance the overall look.



In this day and age, modern-style houses are on the rise. With clean cut edges and a sleek feel, doors are also created with a modernized look to fit the modern look. These doors are categorized as geometrical. Modern doorways are usually neutrally-colored with shapes and corridors that are rectangle and square-like. If you wish to construct a house with a neutral and simple atmosphere, modern doors are the way to go. People would associate modern doors with being “office doors” due to the sophisticated and professional vibe they tend to protrude. Either way, modern doors are like a clean slate, fit to complement the modern atmosphere of your home.



Rustic interior dates back to times long ago, and yet, people still adore the ornamentation of this style. Rustic doors are unique for the wood and bulky demeanor that it maintains. These types of doors are mostly used when you are aiming for a comfortable and cozy atmosphere within your home. Think of it this way, when you think of wood, you brainstorm cozy settings such as campfires, log cabins, vegetation; along those lines. These thoughts are what enhance the cozy vibe of the wood doors. Some homeowners genuinely aim to create cozy home settings for themselves and guests, and rustic doors can help achieve this goal.


Taking the Opportunities

With these styles of doors in mind, you not only have choices, but you have the ability to make these satisfying changes to your home. El Paso’s Trim Team is here to help make your home-bound dreams come alive. Contact us today to get started on the installation of your desired door-interior.

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