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Beautiful Custom Windows in El Paso

Your windows are one of the single most important features in your home, and the TrimTeam can provide you with custom windows in El Paso that make your home look spectacular. Click here to read more:

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Basic Guidelines When Choosing Exterior Doors in El Paso

Certain exterior doors can add a sense of personality to your home. Designing these is, however, more difficult than designing interior doors as they are exposed to various elements of nature, hence the wear and tear is more rampant. There are various options for exterior doors starting from material of choice to style and design. Click […]

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Patio Doors in El Paso

In order to get the most of your home, you will want to consider the different options you have for each detail of your home or office. There are many benefits to having a patio door that are sliding or hinged and that is of paint or stain grade. Having sliding patio doors made of […]

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Customizing Your Exterior Door in El Paso

When customizing your exterior door in El Paso, it’s important to take into account several different factors. Indeed, an exterior door will be located on the exterior of your home so it’s subject to several dynamics for example; the type of wood, design and color. You also want to find out whether an exterior door […]

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Exterior and Interior Door Trimmings in El Paso, Tx

There are other things that you should consider when getting a new doors for the home. One of the things you should think about is interior and exterior door trimming. Interior and exterior door trimming has the possibility to bring out the door even more or can even do the opposite. When it comes to […]

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Decorative Interior Doors in El Paso

When deciding on whether or not to choose decorative interior doors, then consider what a unique embellishment this would add to your home. There are many homes but when your friends and family visit, you want your home to stand out the most. There are homes that I have visited that I pick up decorating […]

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Commercial Door Mouldings in El Paso, TX

Commercial Door Mouldings Commercial door mouldings are something that can be often overlooked for a business. Just like mouldings for a home, commercial door mouldings can create possibilities for the office. These types of mouldings should not be pushed to the back or dismissed just because it is an office and not a place where […]

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Door Mouldings? Here are some considerations El Paso, Tx.

Door mouldings can be defined as ‘a strip of contoured wood or other material placed around the door frame of an exterior and/or interior door.’ And even though most doors do come with some type of moulding or trim to them, there are some others ways to think about door mouldings. Try to think outside […]

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Custom Mouldings in Commercial and Residential Properties El Paso, Tx

Products generated by custom mouldings have tremendous demands in both personal and commercial entities. They have brought about a sense of change to industrial and commercial properties equaling. Products are moulded according to demand while any type of material can be used to achieve what you need. State of the art techniques are being used […]

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Customizing an Exterior Door in El Paso for Your Home

The front door of your home can say many things about you and your house. It is often the focal point of your home since it’s the entry way into the house. So why not consider sprucing us your house with a customized door. There are many options when customizing an exterior door in El […]

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