8 Window Trends and Ideas for Home Remodeling Projects

As more and more people are investing time and money into remodeling their homes, window styles and trends are evolving. Oftentimes, people do not realize just how important windows are and the roles they play in a home. In recent remodeling projects, people are placing more thought on their windows and go as far as completely replacing them. Not sure what to do with your windows? Let’s take a look at the best window trends!

1) Colored Interior Window Frames 

Most homes do indeed feature white window frames bordering their windows, but it doesn’t always have to be this way! Recent trends have shown that people are painting their window frames in cool, earthy tones. As we have spent more time in our homes in the past year or two, calming hues have become the standard, even with window frames. For extra character, you can use similar undertones in the exterior siding of the windows. 

2) Replacing Windows with French Doors 

If you are a fan of large windows, you may even find french doors as a potential replacement option. As of recently, homeowners have been replacing their large windows with french doors to maintain a panoramic view. The French door style has also become popularly constructed into garages. 

3) Bay Windows 

Bay windows, or bow windows, have been admired across time. They expand outward, providing homeowners with a unique, naturally lit spot where you can sit and read. In recent years, this window style has resurfaced in several home remodeling projects. This may be due to the fact that these windows make a home look comfortable, inside and out. More and more homeowners want to bring more light into their homes and with large bay windows, you have light as long as the sun is out!

4) Blinds Between the Glass 

A more modern trend, people are now replacing their home windows with sets that consist of two panes of glass with a set of blinds in between the glass. These window types are available as a pre-installed unit or as an add-on feature for current windows. These windows provide homeowners with the ability to control light and heat from the sun while offering privacy and requiring little maintenance. 

5) Arched Windows 

Homeowners are always looking for ways to create a grand entrance into their homes and arched windows have been shown to help with exactly that. It can be as simple as adding an arch over a doorway or adding an arch over your windows. Arch windows also go great right above divided-lite windows. If you are looking to create an architectural statement, arched windows are a trend to consider for your home remodel. 

6) Natural Wood

Design experts are predicting that natural wood will make a major comeback at the start of 2022. The fact that families have spent more time in their homes has led to a breakthrough of trends, including new ways to make a home feel more comfortable. Natural elements, such as wood, are one of many ideas to bring comfort into a home. Natural wood trims are great for windows, whether you are going for a full replacement or are simply updating small accents around your house. 

7) Black Exterior Frames 

This trend is commonly seen more in modern homes. If you have neutral tones as the exterior of your home, black window frames can complement the exterior by continuing a clean, bold, and classic look. Black frames create a bold contrast that outlines the window’s opening, highlighting architectural taste, leading your eyes to a focal point on the front of your home. Additionally, black exterior window frames draw more curb appeal. 

8) Adding More Windows 

Alongside widening windows, home remodeling projects are seeing an uptick in the window addition category. Homeowners are achieving this by installing casement windows, bay windows, and bow windows. This trend may be due to the fact that it offers more grid options and ventilation. They also bring more nature into the home. This also provides homeowners more room to play with drapes and other window accents. 

Find the Windows You’re Looking for Only at Trim Team  

There are many ways you can bring originality, comfort, and a unique spin on interior design with your windows. If you’re ready to start looking into window replacements, we are more than ready to assist! You can contact Trim Team to learn more about what we have to offer. 

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