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A Glimpse Into 2019 Door Trends

We shut them, we slam them, we glide them, and we push them. Home doors, whether it be interior or exterior are designed to withstand a lot of activity throughout the years. With time, however, home doors will eventually tell us (squeaky sounds, for example)  it’s time to either give them some TLC or visibly […]

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Offering More Than Interior Doors in El Paso

When you have been doing some renovations, it is important to keep your overall themes in mind and interior doors in El Paso can play a major role in keeping things coordinated. However, when you are looking for these specialty products, sometimes it is a good idea to have a company on your side that […]

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Exterior Doors in El Paso: Make An Impression

Exterior doors in El Paso serve both an aesthetic purpose and a security purpose. You need doors that are perfectly fit to you door frames so you can keep the doors securely closed in order to keep your house secure and to prevent conditioned air from escaping. You also want beautiful doors that are going […]

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Window Moulding in El Paso: Adding Architectural Style

Window moulding in El Paso can add a beautiful architectural detail to your home and ensure that your windows stand out as a focal point on your home’s facade. Your windows should be trimmed both inside and outside in keeping with the style of your house. Having window moulding that is the right design for […]

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A Small Change with Big Results: Door Mouldings in El Paso

Doors are important; they are your home’s first impression. When you are looking for the best door mouldings in El Paso, the Trim Team is who you call. If you are looking for an affordable and easy way to freshen up the look of your home, door mouldings could be the answer. Just as at […]

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Complement your Home with new Doors in El Paso

If you need new doors in El Paso, the Trim Team is here to help. We can assist you in designing or selecting the perfect new doors that complement the style of your home and that enhance the architectural beauty. Click here to read more:

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Basic Guidelines When Choosing Exterior Doors in El Paso

Certain exterior doors can add a sense of personality to your home. Designing these is, however, more difficult than designing interior doors as they are exposed to various elements of nature, hence the wear and tear is more rampant. There are various options for exterior doors starting from material of choice to style and design. Click […]

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Types of Interior Doors in El Paso

Interior Doors in El Paso properly made Interior doors ought to be properly made for it to blend with the décor and theme of a house! Interior doors are an integral part of a building’s interior design; thus it’s vital to select the precise type of doors to install in your home. Obviously, it’s a […]

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Customized Interior Doors in El Paso

Add a Touch of Your Personality to Your Home with Custom Interior Doors Adding a sense of personality to your home is always a good idea. There are various options of doing so. Some householders look forward to purchasing decorative articles for their place while others use paint techniques. Setting up custom moldings in your […]

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Patio Doors in El Paso

In order to get the most of your home, you will want to consider the different options you have for each detail of your home or office. There are many benefits to having a patio door that are sliding or hinged and that is of paint or stain grade. Having sliding patio doors made of […]

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